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Classroom Climate

climate (noun) prevailing conditions over a long period Article Engaging students. Creating classrooms that improve learning (February 2017) by Peter Goss and Julie Sonnemann was published by the Grattan Institute. It puts... Read more

Under the bonnet of good writing

I was having a conversation with a friend about grammar. "Subordinate clauses and adjectival phrases – who needs them!" he said. This friend recently purchased a Toyota land cruiser, circa 1985. He is preparing to travel around... Read more

Teacher Standards

Moving to a standards-based profession In NSW all teachers employed since October 1 2004 have been required, through an Act of Parliament, to become accredited against teaching standards. This means that for the past 11 years in... Read more

Every child, every opportunity within a culture of growth and performance. Welcome to Ashfield Public School, an inclusive community school. We care about kids and focus on quality teaching to nurture academic and social achievement.
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