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Teacher Standards

Moving to a standards-based profession In NSW all teachers employed since October 1 2004 have been required, through an Act of Parliament, to become accredited against teaching standards. This means that for the past 11 years in... Read more

What makes a next generation leader?

Leaders who are prepared to go out on the edge, leaders who are prepared to test the theory and the practice, leaders who argue the proposition and lead change in a sustainable way. It's not about the answers, it's about the... Read more

A teacher’s ability to be a critical self-evaluator is at the forefront of education

A key element of teaching, as described in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, is knowledge. Professional knowledge is a teacher's deep understanding of how to set high and explicit expectations for learning; it... Read more

Every child, every opportunity within a culture of growth and performance. Welcome to Ashfield Public School, an inclusive community school. We care about kids and focus on quality teaching to nurture academic and social achievement.
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